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I would like to apologize to all members whose submissions were expired while submitting it to the group. I was not presently online for almost the past week. Those whose submissions were expired, please resubmit it to the group.
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Welcome to the OP-OC-Club!

:star: Welcome to the One Piece Original Character Club! :star:

This club is dedicated to people who love One Piece and have made their own characters or "Original Characters" (OCs).

If you have an OC that you would like to share with the world, they are welcome to join!

:star: Membership :star:

:bulletblue: First, you must have an OC that you have created in One Piece - they can be depicted through drawings,
stories and/or profiles (The character's info). If you haven't started on them yet and have the planning, we can help.

:bulletblue: Second, please read the rules and taken Devil Fruits! It'd be much appreciated if we don't have to repeat things.

:bulletblue: Click on the 'Join us' button in the blue bar above.

:bulletblue: Then you are a member! :iconimhappyplz:

:star: Rules :star:

:bulletblue: First things first - NO DISCRIMINATION! Please, people try hard and put
alot of effort into creating characters, so don't let them down.

:bulletblue: Secondly, we'd like to state that this is a group dedicated solely to original characters. We accept art that includes
OCs alongside canon characters, but we will not accept canon characters on their own.
In case you're not sure what "canon" means, it refers to any officially recognised characters that dwell within the One Piece world
Please don't try to send us your pictures of official characters, no matter how strongly your desire to do so burns

:bulletblue: Though it's not quite so much the case now, we noticed some people submitted their One Piece on a pretty regular basis.
We would like to limit member's deviation submissions to two a week.

:bulletblue: Guys, as much as we love seeing your pictures of your characters, we'd love it more if people didn't submit WIPs to us,
or black and white copies of pictures that you intend to finish or colour and submit again. We don't need to see your work twice to
enjoy it :D

Devil Fruits

This is our list of taken Devil Fruits in this club. If you see your fruit already taken and listed here, don't fret - it just means you can't have it listed in this box. First come, first served.
However, if we get an influx of a certain fruit, we will list you alongside the first person.
If this rule becomes a problem or inconvenience to our members, we will work with everyone to come to a better conclusion.

Ryuu Ryuu no Mi model: Oriental (Dragon Dragon Fruit model: Oriental)
Character: Jodie Kaida - LunaWing

Ryuu Ryuu no Mi model: European (Dragon Dragon Fruit model: European)
Character: Kurosore - LunaWing

Kumo Kumo no Mi (Spider Spider Fruit)
Character: Dante - LunaWing

Mizu Mizu no Mi (Water Water Fruit)
Character: Sable Blackrose - NihilisticLaimu

Hoshi Hoshi no Mi (Wish Wish Fruit)
Character: Fuu - TenshiNoFuu

Kari Kari no Mi (Writing Writing Fruit)
Character: Clow - TenshiNoFuu

Terra Terra no Mi (Earth Earth Fruit)
Character: Kori - Stardust-Kori

Dorobō Dorobō no Mi (Thief Thief Fruit)
Character: Taila D. Quinn - The-Bone-Snatcher

Kuro-n Kuro-n no Mi (Clone Clone Fruit)
Character: Brylee - McBecka-Pants

Kiri Kiri no Mi (Fog Fog Fruit)
Character: Shiro Itora - WhiteShadowItora

Tori Tori no Mi Model Serpentarius (Bird Bird Fruit Model Secretary Bird)
Character: Kumo - hibrrry

Neko Neko no Mi Model Cheetah (Cat Cat Fruit Model Cheetah)
Character: Fay - Shade-SilverWing

Neko Neko no Mi Model Lynx (Cat Cat Fruit Model Lynx)
Character: Kaito - Shade-SilverWing

Kono Kono no Mi (Burn Burn Fruit)
Character: - RainVongola

Kaze Kaze no Mi (Wind Wind Fruit)
Character: Aria - Stillmyhero

Hahen hahen no mi (shard-shard fruit)
Character: Sydney - TigerBites

Ato Ato no Mi (Art Art fruit)
Character: Aya Kokoro - Lord-Ackbar

zuru-zuru fruit (zone-zone fruit)
Character: Speedy D. Monkey - dragonmon24





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XemXemStar Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think the japanese word for my male character's (Calik D. Talishi) fruit power is Hikage Hikage no mi (shade shade fruit) but I'm not too sure.
arieakua Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013
accept please
TheDarkestMemory Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have two OC's in mind for OP but I want to focus on one and I would love to get some help before I do any art on him?
(1 Reply)
Speeddasher01 Featured By Owner May 29, 2013
My two oc's each have devil fruit powers. Dog-Dog Fruit: Model Kitsune (Inu Inu no mi: Model Kitsune), and Cloud Cloud Fruit (Kumo Kumo no mi). Could someone please ad them to the list of Devil Fruits.
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